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#1 Post by KYPREO » Tue Sep 30, 2003 5:42 pm

WELCOME TO THE AUSROTARY TECHNICAL FORUM, one of the most comprehensive sources of rotary technical information known to humankind.

There are only a few very simple rules for using the technical forum, which we ask ALL users, especially new members, to familiarise themselves with:

1. The SEARCH button is your friend.

If you've thought of a question, chances are someone else has already asked it. The forum has become a fantastic archive of the cumulative technical knowledge of all of AusRotary's membership. If the original post doesn't answer your question or contains an error or omission, but is still on the same topic, add your post to the original thread. That way we have a continuing thread in which the most comprehensive information on a topic is available to users.

2. Always use CLEAR and RELEVANT topic headings.
Topic headings such as 'help wanted', or 'i've got a problem with...' are annoying, waste time, and are unlikely to illicit responses from other members.

If you use a topic heading that is precise but to the point, users with particular knowledge in that area will see it straight away and are much more likely to answer your question.

3. Please indicate your LOCATION in your user profile.
If you have a question on engineering, or other matters of registration requirements, the answer will depend on your location, as laws differ depending on the State or Territory in which you live. It also helps in situations where someone may able to recommend you take your car to get looked at, for example.

4. Only answer if you fairly confident you are correct.

This is a situtation in which common sense prevails, but is still important. If you give an answer but you really have no idea, someone could rely on that information as being an expert opinion and do some real damage.

DISCLAIMER: AusRotary does not guarantee the accuracy of any information supplied on this forum. Any modifications or repair work done on your vehicle is done so at your own risk and AusRotary will not be held responsible for anything that happens as a result of using information found here, unless it is results in faster times :twisted: Whenever in doubt, see your preferred workshop.

In the interests of the forum, users should NOT reply to threads in which the above rules are clearly not adhered to.

Copyright (c) 2001-2018, the Administrators of http://www.ausrotary.com. All Rights Reserved.

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