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Toyota LandCruiser Prado: Tough Enough

Bendix Performance brake pads have been developed and comprehensively tested by leading friction engineers to create pads designed to handle a variety of applications – street, road, and race.

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Toyota LandCruiser Prado: Tough Enough

#1 Post by motorculture » Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:27 am


The LandCruiser Prado is an incredible 4WD that is at home on the tarmac as well as on muddy trails. It is a midsize 4x4 that suits small families who go camping or offroading together, with a proper ladder frame chassis that’s inherited from its bigger, badder brother, the LandCruiser.


As the Prado is aimed squarely at the suburban family, the inside is massive, with tons of space for driver and passengers. Rear view camera, dual and rear climate controls, keyless entry, and hidden pockets, cupholders and plush seats make each journey a breeze.


In the rear, it retains a rear beam axle for maximum articulation on off road trials. Upfront, the independent strut suspension is considered a little less capable than the usual beam axle construction, but the trade-off for on road manners is immense. The handling is nearly car like, and there is little roll from a car this tall.


The Prado is proof you can have your cake and eat it too. Swapping tarmac for mud and gravel, the Prado’s low gear, locked differential options and incredible suspension travel makes it highly capable in off-road conditions. The 3L turbo-diesel engine provides enough grunt to make climbing hills a breeze. As the Prado is incredibly popular in Australia, you’ll find all sorts of aftermarket parts for it. From air snorkels, bull bars, winches, to even camping storage compartments, it seems that the Prado has it all.


An upgrade the Prado, and most 4x4s should have, are the Bendix 4WD SUV brake pads. The 4WD SUV brake pads have been lab tested to breaking conditions; conditions no car would ever see. The brake pad is designed with a slot in the centre, to eliminate any dirt, mud or water it comes into contact with.


The Bendix blue titanium stripe means that 4WD SUV brake pads work from the get go, reducing bedding in time and delivering stopping power out of the box. It also comes with Fibre Impregnated Rubber Steel shims (FIRS), that effectively dampens vibrations and noise under braking. Its material construction makes the FIRS shims impervious to salt, water, oil, and a wide range of climates. It’s tough enough for all of your on and off-road needs.

Brake Pads’ Parts Numbers

Toyota LandCruiser Prado 2009 - Current Front: DB1482 4WD SUV

Toyota LandCruiser Prado 2009 - Current Rear: DB1200 4WD SUV

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