R100 doors, an amalgamation

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R100 doors, an amalgamation

#1 Post by Syd » Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:56 pm

Hi all,

I’m restoring an r100 and I am working my way forward from the quarters.

I’m up to the doors.

Original doors are beaten and have holes in them, too hard?

I have the following;

2 1200/1300 coupe doors, a little rust along the bottom edge, can repair as I see it but I know what I’ll find under it all if I was to do it properly.

4 r100 doors,
One has good frame, min surface rust, crap skin, which I have removed.
One base of frame very rusty and requires addition I’d Mersin to repair. Top 2/3 of skin ok
2 crappy, rust skin and frame on bottom edge, window frames good on all.

2 stb 2dr Sedán doors, of course—>. Good skins etc, wrong window frame.

What to do;

Option 1,
Remove stb 2dr Sedán skins, sacrifice the frame to get the skin off neatly.
Place on r100 frames.

Option 2,
Try to remove the window frames on the stb doors and fit the r100 ones

Option 3
Fix the 1200/1300 doors the best I can, finish the car and wait for some awesome r100 doors to pop up for sale.

The good thing about removing/replacing skins is that I know they have been blasted, cleaned painted sealed etc. Every door I’ve stripped the lower edge on has always had rust spiders.

Your thoughts, advice. I’m sure people have done these options before.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: R100 doors, an amalgamation

#2 Post by KREMSRX7 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:50 pm

Im pretty sure that the stb 2 door skins will be the wrong length also (i could be wrong of course), but if they are the right length, I’m pretty sure that the outer handle recess is different and wont be able to use the cool r100 door handles.
It’s been a while since i had my 1200 coupe and i wrecked a few stb 2 doors and I’m pretty certain there were a few reasons I couldn’t use the skins.
Chuck some pics up, this day and age anything can be repaired, its just a matter of finding some1 that will do it, if you look on youtube for metal shaping you will see what can be done, and a lot of it is easier than you think :wink:

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Re: R100 doors, an amalgamation

#3 Post by Syd » Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:44 am

Thanks for the reply.

Just measured and they are the same length. As far as I can see it is only the handle holes that are different b/n r100 and stb/1200/1300.

Since writing, I have successfully removed the window frame from the stb 2dr doors. Next step is to sacrifice 2 r100 doors (which are completely stuffed, skins and frame) to get the window frame out.—- after I make a jig.
Then try and feed it back into the stb door— as The front of the frame is a triangle.


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Re: R100 doors, an amalgamation

#4 Post by Rota_Motor » Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:54 pm

You can use the STB doors, it just means you need to change the window frames and you will end up with the S2/later/1200 style outer door handles not S1/early/1200 type.

My old 1300 coupe (R100 shape not sedan) about 20 years ago had sedan driver door fitted, but the frame swap wasn't done completely and there was a small dogleg near the front where the angle changed from the sedan to coupe rake. Couldn't notice unless looking for it.

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Re: R100 doors, an amalgamation

#5 Post by ido09s » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:09 am

R100 doors are also different on the inside top edge. The 1200/130 door trim does not go all the way to the top so has been finished nicely by Mazda and is normally painted.

R100 door trims go all the way up and over the top of the door frame and the frame itself was finished totally different to R100.

I would try and stick to fixing them with the R100 door frames

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