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***RULE UPDATE*** MAXIMUM 4 ads per page [updated 8/9/2006]

Parts for rotaries, for sale and wanted.

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Place any new ads in the appropriate Parts For Sale or Parts Wanted subforums.

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***RULE UPDATE*** MAXIMUM 4 ads per page [updated 8/9/2006]

#1 Post by KYPREO » Wed May 17, 2006 8:35 pm

As a result of abuse of this free advertising facility we have been forced to instate caps on ads.

(1) Excessive bumping:

If you bump an ad more than once every 24 hours, your bump will be removed. If you repeat offend, your ad will be removed. Multiple offences will result in trading privileges being removed.

(2) Excessive ads - 4 per page limit:

If you bump large numbers of your ads simultaneously such that more than FOUR of your ads appear on a page at any one time, your bump will be removed. Similarly, you cannot post more than four new ads such that those four ads appear on a page at any one time.

If you feel the need to start more than four ads, you must either wait for your ads to disappear off a page or better yet, group like items together. Refusal to adhere to this reasonable rule is really just pure selfishness.

Repeat offenders will have ALL their ads removed and you will have to repost them. Multiple offences will result in trading privileges being removed.

(3) Vendor ads:

This is essentially a private trading area for parts. While vendors are allowed to advertise products here, some vendors have abused this by hogging up what is essential private trading space.
If your ad is better classified as a vendor ad or we feel you are a vendor and abusing the free advertising, we reserve the right to force you to move your post to vendors/products.
If your ad is better classified as a group buy, your ad belongs in the group buy section.

(4) Only legitimate enquiries or posts offering bona fide support for a product may be posted in ads.

You cannot hijack someone else's ads. You cannot post in someone else's ads simply to bump it up.

These rules are in the interests of fairness to all users who trade here. No one user is more important in the trading stakes and this rule is in force to protect that.

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