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PART TRADER FORUM RULES, updated 09/05/2006

#1 Post by KYPREO » Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:21 pm

The administrators of this forum have decided that only rotary related items may be advertised for sale or wanted on this forum.

The forum exists primarily to serve the rotary community.

If you have non-rotary related goods to sell, there are countless other free internet resources which you can use.

"Rotary related" will not be interpreted strictly.
Anything that could be feasibly used in relation to rotary engined vehicles is allowed.
Thus car stereos, BOVs, wheels, project cars, etc are all examples of goods which we welcome you to advertise.
Mobile phones, TVs, and bar fridges are all examples of goods which are not allowed to be advertised from now on.

Administrators and moderators will exercise discretion as to what is rotary related. Essentially the further the relation of an item to anything automotive, the more likely it will be removed.

Any offending advertisement will be removed, but the poster will be given notice from the administrator/moderator responsible explaining their reasons, and an opportunity to respond.

This will not affect advertisements posted before this notice which are still current.

We hope you will assist in keeping this section of the forum restricted to rotary related content, and apologise for any inconvenience.

Bumping of posts.
Bumping of forsale/wanted threads is allowed if done so in a reasonable time frame. Bumping of post within only a few hours is not needed nor allowed, be fair to other people posting! Replying to a question is not considered “bumping”

Multiple Advertisements
Please show respect for other advertisers. Do not post multiple advertisements where this is not necessary. Group together parts you are selling in logical categories. If you post excessive numbers of ads where they could have been consolidated together, we reserve the right to remove/lock or edit the ads. We will also not tolerate multiple ads where in general it would be unfair to other users whose ads are bumped off the page.


Ausrotary is a great place to advertise goods you may have for sale. Its free and you have a 100% guaranteed rotary enthusiast readership.

However, the internet offers a level of anonymity that may result in you being bothered by "time wasters" who you would not normally attract using other forms of advertising (that you usually pay for remember). Many people may trouble you for details, pictures or other questions with no true intention of actually buying off you.

There are ways you can avoid the "time wasters", however. The best thing to do is use the template we have provided in this thread: viewtopic.php?t=58923 Generally, we suggest you try to follow these guidelines wherever possible. These guidelines are equally applicable to "wanted" ads.

1. Use a clear and relevant topic heading
More users will view your advertisement if you make the topic heading clear. An example of a poor subject heading is "engine", "parts for sale", or "rims". Better alternatives are "carby 12A engine for sale", "RX-3 panels and trim", or "17" Billet rims suit old school rotor". Obviously if you are selling a wide variety of parts its harder to do this, but its still better to include them in one topic and try to make the topic heading as clear as possible.

2. Include as many details as possible:

If you write "for more details email, or PM", you will receive PM's and emails to which you will have to reply. This isn't an ad paid by the word: save yourself time and write everything you feel someone may think relevant in deciding whether to buy what you intend to sell.

3. Include photos in the post, wherever possible:
As above. If you specify that you will email photos, you will be asked to email them. It doesn't cost you anything, so upload your pics to a server and link them to the ad, or create a free pBase or Yahoo! account, and save yourself the effort of emailing pics to people who are only curious in seeing, for example, what a HKS BOV looks like, rather than actually wanting to buy one.

4. Specify LOCATION and whether you are willing to send interstate. AusRotary has users Australia-wide. If you don't specify people will ask. It may also save you trouble if you specify whether you are willing to post or COD.

5. Check Ausrotary for replies whenever possible:
If you don't use the internet often fair enough, but if at all possible, try to avoid leaving phone numbers only. It is in your interests, as genuine interstate buyers are more likely to look into your offer if they don't have to make mobile or STD phone calls.

6. If you accept an offer someone has made it is a legally binding contract.

Don't accept an offer unless you intend to carry out the agreement. This applies to "for sale" and "wanted" advertisements. Not only does it make you look really bad and may affect your chances of selling in the future, but backing out of a sale once you have agreed to sell goods may give the buyer recourse to legal remedies against you. Nothing, however, can stop you withdrawing goods from sale if you have not accepted any offers.

If you are sending COD, protect yourself and make sure the user has been around a while. Users HAVE been forced to pay for uncollected COD packages in the past - don't become another victim. A better option is direct deposit into a personal bank account, which is mutually secure as the seller has the money, and the buyer has the seller's personal bank details.


Please look for the trader's feedback in the trader feedback section. If they have no trading history on ausrotary and a very low post count, be particularly careful in your trading.


1. Expressing interest only if you really are interested:

"time wasting" is very annoying, and makes it frustrating for someone trying to sell goods on the forum. You will not make a good name for yourself in the AusRotary Community if you repeatedly behave in this manner.

2. Read the sellers post carefully:
Your question may have already been answered. Common examples include asking for a location, when the location is in the user details of the left-hand column, and asking whether a part will suit a particular application, when that has already been stated. This also applies to the manner in which you respond. If email is specified, use email. The seller may not visit AusRotary often.

3. If you offer to buy something, as soon as the person accepts, you have made a legally binding contract.

Don't offer to buy something unless you intend to carry out the agreement. Not only does it make you look really bad and may affect your chances of buying in the future, but backing out of a sale once you have agreed to buy it may give the seller recourse to legal remedies against you. Note: "haggling" is not an offer.


Please look for the trader's feedback in the trader feedback section. If they have no trading history on ausrotary and a very low post count, be particularly careful in your trading.

General Rules for this section:

1. No SPAM.
Administrators will use their discretion to delete any posts which are considered spam. Don't do it. Your IP address is logged and if you try and create a new username you will be found.

2. Be Honest:
AusRotary is NOT a forum for peddling of stolen merchandise. If AusRotary suspects you are selling stolen goods, your IP address WILL be forwarded to the authorities.

Similarly we will not allow sales of goods which support or facilitate car theft. This means you cannot sell chassis/VIN numbers, ID plates or anything else to this effect.

While AusRotary administration makes every effort to try and detect stolen goods, the Adminstration make no guarantees as to the legitimacy of goods being sold, nor will it be held responsible if goods sold here turn out to be in fact stolen. Similarly, AusRotary will not accept responsibility for any other criminal acts or breaches of contract, eg accepting goods without payment, reneging on agreement to purchase goods, misrepresentation.

Furthermore, please do not make promises unless you intend to keep them. Promising to hold onto goods until a certain day, only to sell them before that time comes up is bad trading. If you cannot keep a promise, it is very simple: don't make it.

Thank you for your continuing cooperation and happy and smooth trading!

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