[nsw] Red rx7 spirit R type A only

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[nsw] Red rx7 spirit R type A only

#1 Post by peedee » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:24 pm

[NSW] WTB rx7 spirit R type A RED only

Wanted: Red rx7 spirit R type A only.

Extra Info: looking for a car with no mods that’s in excellent factory condition only. If it has mods eg rims or something along that line only that can be easily returned to original factory condition. At this point in time only looking for red in Colour and will update message if another colour would be wanted. Not interested if car has been resprayed or touched up. Want all matching numbers no changed engines.

Contact Details: message on ausrotary

Location: [NSW]

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:

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Re: [nsw] Red rx7 spirit R type A only

#2 Post by blur » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:11 pm

Rarest colour for a spirit r. Cut and paste from the fdrx7.com forum..

Type A's
Titanium Grey - 499
Brilliant Black - 114
Innocent Blue Mica - 149
Pure White - 229
Vintage Red - 53

Type B's
Titanium Grey - 200
Brilliant Black - 55
Innocent Blue Mica - 61
Pure White - 79
Vintage Red - 25

Type C
Titanium Grey - 20
Brilliant Black - 3
Innocent Blue Mica - 7
Pure White - 9
Vintage Red - 1

They look stunning in red. Bare in mind the red is same ordinary paint that is very suspectable to fade like early mx5s and the like and they sunburn something fierce, especially if they have been here in Aus uv for a bit.. good luck with the search.
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