[CAN] FS> 1974 Mazda RX4 - Located in Canada

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[CAN] FS> 1974 Mazda RX4 - Located in Canada

#1 Post by Solhaven » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:41 pm

For sale: 1974 RX4 left hand drive
Item Condition: Used, original condition
Price and price conditions: Auction
Extra Info:I have this listed on eBay, not sure if external links are allowed so I'll post the description on here as well. Here's a beautifully original example of a classic rotary. I know very little of the history of this car prior to my ownership but what I do know is it came from a single owner who passed away and the vehicle ended up at a junkyard where it sat for many years. I managed to recover it and started checking on the drivetrain for condition.

I pulled the spark plugs and borescoped both housings, it was extremely clean with no rust or foreign material inside! I did a full tune up including spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, thermostat (flushed old coolant at the same time), performed a rather soft disassembly of the carb and replaced the accelerator pump and cleaned all jets and bowls, new air filter, removed the fuel tank and had it cleaned and resealed. Replaced the fuel pump and rubber lines, replaced the starter as it was shot, performed engine oil and filter change. Poured a little bit of oil down the carb and attempted it's first start in probably over 15 years at least and it fired immediately! (I have videos if you'd like to see them please message me) The radiator does have a small hairline crack in it that leaks when pressurized.

It sounded quite healthy besides an exhaust leak off the header somewhere so from there I started on the brakes and clutch to see if it would drive, both the reservoirs were empty and full of crud so I replaced both the clutch master and slave cylinder, performed a rebuild on the brake master. It would now move and stop under it's own power!

As for the body which I would say is the best part about this car and fairly rare to find due to the poor steel used in classic (well... all mazdas) lol. There is very minimal rust on the major parts of this car, rockers, frame, floor, quarters, trunk. All SOLID. (I have a video of a quick walk around showing these points - message me if you'e interested) The worst part of the exterior as you can see in the pictures is the passenger side long ago it was possibly side swiped and repaired poorly on the door and fender. Besides it being not all that attractive there's still metal under all of it and it's very repairable. (I was planning on repairing all of it under the body line and respraying the bottom half of the car leaving the beautiful patina up top) All glass and chrome trim is there and in awesome shape (windshield is cracked on the passenger side)

Interior is in below average condition though fairly complete, the sun had it's way with it, dash pad, seats, door panels are all not in the best shape. 

I'm selling it to fund my rx3 coupe project which has always been my dream vehicle. If the 4 doesn't sell I won't be heart broken, with a little more brake, suspension and engine work itd be a phenomenal car as is! Or if you're looking for a clean original example to restore this is a great unmolested base (even has the factory REAPS exhaust system!) 

In conclusion, no it isn't perfect, it needs time and money and love but it's a vehicle worth investing those things in! The classic rotary market where I live is basically non existent hence me posting it on eBay, I fully expect an international buyer and car help as much as possible to get it to you. Any other questions I may have missed please message me!

Contact Details:
Location: Canada
Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: customer handles shipping costs and logistics but very willing to help.

Here's the link! https://m.ebay.ca/itm/Mazda-RX-4/222737 ... SwICpaH3Lk

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