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Phils Rotaries - RX3 sedans being reproduced in 2018

Topics specific to rotary engines, cars and car-related issues.
eg: automotive news, concepts, car shows, etc.

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Re: Phils Rotaries - RX3 sedans being reproduced in 2018

#16 Post by Savannarx3 » Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:12 pm

rx3sum wrote:Is it legal to cut numbers out of a car and put into one of Phils shells?
spunbearing wrote:No it's not legal.
Is it legal to replace a quarter panel? Yes.
Is it legal to replace an inner structure? Yes.
Is it legal to replace a roof? Yes.
Is it legal to replace a windscreen pillar? Yes.
Is it legal to replace a floor? Yes.
Is it legal to replace a front clip? Yes.
Is it legal to replace a firewall? Yes (so long as it's not one with chassis numbers on it like an RX-2 / Capella).

Is it legal to replace a scuttle panel with a different chassis number on it? No.

So, if I don't replace that scuttle panel, but I replace all the panels mentioned above with new formed panels manually, myself, is it legal? One would assume that since I can legally replace each and every one of those panels individually, then yes, it is legal to replace them all at the same time.

So, if I get someone else to put all those panels together, and then put then into my car, is it legal? Again, one would have to assume that yes, it is.

So if I buy the assembled structure from someone who assembled it manually himself, and then gave up the project, then used that to finish my car, is it legal? Once again, you would have to assume yes.

So, finally, if I buy the assembled structure from Phil, who had it assembled in China or elsewhere, and then used that to complete my project, is it legal? If not, where exactly is that line drawn?

I'm not trying to be obtuse here, but I don't know of any law that points towards content percentage to determine whether a car is legally allowed to be registered. The laws you guys are speaking about are designed to prevent a stolen car from being rebirthed with a legitimate car's identity. In the case of a new shell from Phils, there is no crime being covered up. Technically you're not rebirthing anything because the new shell hasn't had an old life.
muppet501st wrote:when you could still buy new body shells from the factory, these were known as a body in white.

This practice has since been made illegal

Knowing the actual wording of the law making this practice illegal would be helpful here. Or if in fact it wasn't a change in the law but a change in the insurance companies policies to avoid the murky waters of what constitutes a rebirth that led to the industry making a change that wasn't actually a legal requirement. Kypreo, are you able to look this sort of thing up?
Lukenstein wrote:yes you bring up a great point of discussion that i also found interesting a little while ago..

Haha, I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that! Anyway it's a moot point, my scuttle is for a coupe, which aren't being reproduced. Unsurprising really, very few coupes are left either 808 or RX-3 to use as the basis for the new shell (which Phil himself says you'll need for the vehicle to be registered).

Please taste the good times of the rotary.

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Re: Phils Rotaries - RX3 sedans being reproduced in 2018

#17 Post by » Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:34 am

The coupe shells will be made eventually, he said they're starting off with the sedan shells and doing the coupes later on.

What about those Mustang body shells they've reproduced, how do they go about getting them registered?

Keith :wink:

808 coupe RX-3SP replica project viewtopic.php?f=21&t=115385
RIP John

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