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Rotary powered cars and equivalent Mazda piston models only.

Cars, for sale and wanted.

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Place any new ads in the appropriate Cars For Sale or Cars Wanted subforums.
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Rotary powered cars and equivalent Mazda piston models only.

#1 Post by S2 13BT » Tue Oct 19, 2004 9:23 am

The admin and mods will be more strict in moderating the for sale forums from now on. That means we will be removing non rotary related car sales. It's not hard to know if something is acceptable, and I'm sure everyone can figure out what can be sold here and what can't.

So Bascially (for the sake of simplicity),

You can sell:
All RWD Mazdas (For those that want 600s, 800s & 360s etc)
Any car with a rotary in it
All non Mazda's that are ready to take rotaries. We don't want to be flooded with Gemini sales, so admin/mods must be convinced by your ad that it's ready to take a rotary, or it will be removed.

You can't sell:
Daily drivers
Anything to swap for a rotary

These same rules apply to wanted ads.

Common sense will tell you if it can or can't be sold here or if you can or can't put up a wanted ad. Unsuitable threads will be deleted.

As always, admin and mods have the final say.